The EZIPEX Crimp system was developed to satisfy the requirements of customers who were seeking an alternative to the existing EZIPEX Slide compression system. The system is suitable for hot and cold potable water, rainwater, recycled (non-potable) and hydronic heating. It uses a crimping tool to produce a secure joint in a minimal amount of time. The crimping method guarantees a perfect seal every time, and eliminates the need for call backs to repair partially welded joints etc.

One of the key requirements was the need for a quick and effective jointing method combined with the peace of mind provided by the performance benefits of the EZIPEX pipe. It was also clear that customers had a definite preference to continue using the existing and already proven EZIPEX pipe.

The EZIPEX product range is based on a premium quality cross-linked polyethylene pipe which is used in conjunction with either of the available ranges of DZR brass fittings, Crimp and Slide.

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