Today marks a significant milestone for the company and an even bigger moment for Patrick Read. 

We proudly celebrate Pat’s 20 year anniversary, acknowledging the achievements of a humble bloke and a familiar face in the plumbing industry. Pat has played a critical role in building Southern Plumbing Plus into the distinct brand it is today. His dedication and knowledge of the trade has made him invaluable to Southern Plumbing and the wider Canberra plumbing community. He’s a regular fixture at Master Plumbers ACT events and has served as a board member. He’s mentored and guided more young blokes in trade sales than we can count on two hands, and goes above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs.

“Pat is part of the furniture and an irreplaceable member of the Southern family,” says Warwick Beutler, Managing Director, Southern Plumbing Plus. “Over the years we have celebrated the many personal and professional milestones of our staff and today is no exception. We bet 20 years ago Pat didn’t expect to still be here today. But we’re privileged that he is.”

Southern Plumbing Plus Family and Pat Read

Pat Read and staff at their annual celebration of 10 years or more of tenure, 2017 (left). First year apprentice Pat Read in 1991. Image source: The Canberra Times, 21 September 2018, p. 18 (right).

Pat’s journey with Southern Plumbing began in 1991 as an apprentice plumber with our long-time customer Eveready Plumbing. Pat remembers the days of visiting the store as a customer well before plastic pipe and the EZIPRESS systems were invented. Peter Laurent, owner of Eveready Plumbing, says “It’s been an honour watching Pat grow from a young kid with a mullet to now a senior member of Southern Plumbing – he’s practically running the joint!”

Now the commercial manager of plumbing, we’ve lost count of how many roles Pat has worked in across the company, let alone the number of promotions he’s received. Whether it’s been truck driving, trade sales or establishing Southern Connections, a former plumbing installation business within the company, he has consistently provided unmatched customer service. 

“Pat is the go-to man. No matter how big or small my problem may be he is there to fix it. Pat just makes things happen and he is great to work with,” says Bruce Leake, long-time customer and owner of Bruce Leake Plumbing.

Pat Read and Alex Vaskovic (Account Manager) providing a cheque to Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grant  winner Andrew Goode, Water Tight Canberra

Pat Read and Alex Vaskovic (Account Manager) providing a cheque to Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grant winner Andrew Goode, Water Tight Canberra.

One of Pat’s career highlights includes work trips to Germany and Port Douglas, although it’s the company culture that’s kept him at Southern Plumbing. 

“What I love about this place is the company’s involvement in the community and the investment in their staff. We assist charities and organisations, like Menslink, that make a positive difference in our local communities. The support from the leadership team and the endless opportunities are what make this such an incredible family and workplace to be a part of,” says Pat.


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