Have you given our new Southern Express hotline for Canberra plumbers a try yet? 

Southern Express is a rapid response delivery service for plumbing customers who want an easier and more convenient way of ordering materials, while retaining the personalised experience that you expect to receive in store. 

Our dedicated team will take your order by phone or email, prepare your order, and have delivery or pick up ready in record-breaking time. Of course, you can still visit us in store and we’ll pack your order while you wait, but Southern Express gives you another option that might work better for you.




What is Southern Express?  
A dedicated hotline phone number and email for your express plumbing orders and rapid response delivery, to give you faster and more convenient access to the materials you need.

What’s the process?
It's very simple: Phone the hotline directly on 6143 2555, tell the Express team what you need and once your order is confirmed it will be picked and packed ready for delivery to you, or collection in store. 

When is the hotline open? 
Monday to Friday 7.00am to 5.00pm
Saturday 8.00am to 12.00pm

Can I still order in store?
Yes. You can still shop in store. We understand that many customers prefer to shop in store and view the products in person. 

Do I call the hotline for general trade enquiries?
No. Trade enquiries should continue to be made directly with your preferred plumbing centre (Fyshwick on 6143 2600 or Mitchell on 6129 7600) or by contacting your account manager directly.
The Express hotline is for placing orders only. 



Drop into your local plumbing centre or speak to your account manager to learn more.


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